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Twitter has been bought by Elon Musk after long ups and downs and has become the new CEO

Billionaire Elon Musk acquired popular social media Twitter at $44 billion. Tesla CEO Musk had pushed back from his previous bid that he agreed to buy Twitter. The action taken by Musk to cancel the Twitter deal has pushed twitter to take legal action against Musk. Court has given Musk time until Friday to complete his $44 billion acquisition deal or face a court battle with Twitter.

The billionaire Musk finally acquired Twitter and tweeted “the bird is freed” and changed his bio to Chief Twit.

Elon musk/ Twitter Bio

What Musk did do after the Twitter acquisition?

Musk fired four top executives from Twitter, they are Parag Agrawal (38), Ned Segal (48), Vijaya Gadde (48), and Sarah Personette. Among them, Parag Agrawal was the Twitter CEO.

Parag Agrawal/ Twitter ex. CEO

Musk announced to re-activate former president of the USA Donald Trump’s Twitter account which was blocked by Twitter for violation of its terms in 2018. Similarly, Twitter is planning to re-activate the Twitter account of American singer/rapper Keny west.

What impact Twitter will have in the future?

Most American firms are in the support of Musk’s Twitter purchased deals but some advertisers are warning to pull out advertisements from Twitter. The biggest cryptocurrency trading company Binance is in the full swing for the support of Musk as he promotes cryptocurrency, especially Dogecoin.

People have also concerned that Twitter will allow misinformation and anti-government content. Experts say Musk has the plan to convert Twitter into a super chat application like the Chinese app WeChat.

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