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How to create an Email account in Nepali?

Email is one of the important means of communication in the modern world. Most of the work for large businesses and small organizations from one person to another is done using Email. Here we will dive into the world of email-like methods of creating an email account, writing, and sending an email.

There are many email service providers, where you can create unlimited email accounts free for personal use as well as business use. Here are some lists of popular websites where you can create an e-mail for free:

What are the Advantages of Email?

1. Cheap Cost – Communicating via email is very low or cheap cost.

2. Speed – Your message can reach your entire email list in practically no time.

3. Easy & Convenient – it is easy for both the you and recipient.

How to create an email account?

Here you will learn the methods to create an email account in Gmail, Gmail is the most popular email service provided by Google. You can also use a Gmail account to manage multiple services and applications provided by google like android phones, google drive, Play Store, and so on.

What are the requirements to create a Gmail account?

It requires your name, last name, birth year date month, and phone number. Your phone number is optional while creating an account, But for security purposes, if you add your phone number it helps to recover your email account when you forget your password.

Follow these steps to create an email account:

Step 1: Type URL

Step 2: You will see the following window, click on create account option.

Step 3: You will see three options, choose any one of these you want.

For my personal use

For my child

For my work or my business

Step 4: Now you will see the following form window, enter the details and you will be able to create your first email account.

Watch this video to learn to create an email account, follow the steps. In this video, you will also learn to write and send emails.

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